Grill Guard For Your Truck

You see them on trucks and SUV, but do you truly know what grill guards do for your vehicles? Let’s take a look at these guards and what they can offer your truck!

What are Grill Guards?

Grill guards are both a cosmetic accessory for your vehicle as well as a functional accessory. Grill guards protect your headlights and the front of your vehicle. They stop brush, rocks, and even other vehicles from damaging your property. While these accessories are functional, they are typically installed for their aesthetic appeal.

They’ve Got Style

Grill guards come in three basic styles that vary in the amount of protection they offer the front of your vehicle. Full grill guards protect the front of your vehicle including the headlights. Bars over the lights prevent breakage. This style is popular for people who need off-road protection for their vehicle. These guards consist of two vertical structural supports attached to a tubing frame. Narrow bars are also added over the headlights for protection. Center grill guards are nearly the same as a full grill guard but do not provide protection for the headlights. The final grill guard is the bull bar. The final type of grill guard is the bull bar. These grills are also referred to as the nudge bar or sport bar as they are the more subtle approach to protecting your vehicle. Bull bars were designed for serious off-road driving. They are made to protect your vehicle from steep climbs and cause the vehicle to bounce up so the front tires can get up a slope.

Finishing Touches

Any of these grill guards can be finished one of three ways: polished stainless steel, chrome plated, and black powder coat. Powder coating is the least expensive option but it is more likely to be damaged or scratched. Once damaged, powder coating cannot be repainted. Another option is the stainless steel. Stainless steel is the most rugged finish but is also the most expensive. They are stronger than other guards and can be repaired is scratched.

Grill guards can help to protect your vehicle while in low impact accidents and while driving off-road.


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