Noco Genius G3500 Charger

When you have a deep cycle or agm battery it is very important to have a good charger in order to make sure that the money you spent is worth it. Many times people just buy agm batteries and don’t maintain them properly which causes alot of problems. You can by an expensive and reliable deep cycle battery that out specs a lead acid battery, however if you aren’t maintaining the battery it will go bad. This is very important to remember when you buy a car battery or any battery for that matter. Maintenance and charging makes up atleast 60 percent of what kind of performance you will get out of your battery no matter what the specs are.

Noco Genius G3500 Charger

The noco genius battery is great for charging a lead acid and lithium ion battery. Even though we usually review AGM battery products this is a charger we thought we should review considering it preforms so well in its class. We don’t really use lead acid batteries since they are somewhat out dated and have problems. We don’t want to really go into the problems of the lead acid battery which can be a whole list of things, such as battery leakage, high maintenance, and more. However there are still lead acid batteries out on the market that preform quite weill so in this case having a good lead acid battery charger like the Noco genius g3500 ultra-safe smart battery charger.

Like we said earlier this battery charger can take care of most lead acid and lithium batteries that have been fully drained. It has the capability to fully bring them back to complete working condition and maintain them at peak performance levels. Not only is it able to maintain and charge regular lead and lithium ion batteries but it can maintain all kinds of automotive, marine, rv, power-sport, lawn and garden, and deep cycle batteries. The charger is able to charge twice the times faster than most chargers and can easily repair damaged batteries. The battery delivers high performance and can repair damaged batteries which is definitely a positive to that battery charging capability.

When it comes to the design of the battery charger the battery charger is ultra compact and it is portable and very lightweight. This is very important for any battery charger as the hefty large battery chargers cause problems and work against many people. Using a larger battery charger is also less convenient when charging your batteries. The noco charger also has mounting capabilities which allows it from slipping on surfaces and while prevent the charger from getting scratched. Sometimes using a battery charger that does not have a mount will cause it to slip fall and scratch and this in essence causes alot of problems. On the outer design the battery charger features UV and water resistant which allows the battery charger to last alot longer than other battery chargers.

Aside from a sleek and durable design the battery charger is able to maintain and monitor battery activity around the clock. This means that it will always check up on your battery energy consumption and keeps it at optimum levels and fully charged. This reduced overall energy consumption and will in the long run save you on electricity and power. Aside from this the noco smart-charger is able to have reverse polarity and over charging protection which is very good and can protect the battery from dis charging and running into problems. On the sides the LED indicators on the battery allow you to visually see how much the battery has been charged in order to know when and what to do and if the battery may risk being over charged.

The battery charger is very durable, and mountable and can be maintained.
Charges two times faster than most traditional battery chargers.
Light weight and small for easy maneuvering.
Can consistently stay connected to your battery to monitor battery levels and all the other important specifications of the battery which allow the battery to preform an peak levels.
Brings fully drained batteries to full function even after heavy usage.
Further Product Details
The noco genius smart battery charger is more suitable for non AGM batteries, such as lead and lithium ion batteries. However it still works great with an AGM battery of your choice.
Bottom line
Over all this charger works great and does its job. It can literally restore a fully drained battery from zero to hundred in twice the time and get the job done. However like we stated before the charger is more suitable for non agm batteries such as lithium ion batteries and lead acid batteries. Not many of us here actually still use those since we made the switch to AGM over the past year.

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