How to Prepare Your Truck For This Summer

We covered how you can prepare your truck for winter, but there is a lot to do before summer as well. Extreme weather of any kind is going to pose a challenge for your rig, but when you’re adequately prepared, you won’t have any trouble. So, are you ready to learn more about how you can get your truck ready for the summer? Let’s do this!

Make sure your AC is up to scuff.

One of the most enjoyed commodities in the summer is the air conditioning. Whether you’re riding to work, stuck in traffic, or on your way to the beach, you will be glad you checked in with your AC system. You should give it a test long before it gets hot outside so that you can take it to get repaired before you need it. Trust us, there is nothing worse than sitting in traffic in 100-degree weather without AC.

Dog looking out from the car window
Dog looking out from the car window

Perform normal maintenance.

Getting your tires rotated, oil changed, and making sure your truck is in working order is a summer preparation essential. When the weather heats up, you will definitely want everything to be in working order. Extreme heat, just like extreme cold, can have a serious effect on your truck’s electrical systems. You need to give them a little check in to make sure they’re all up to speed. This includes everything from the battery to the coolant hoses. You should also check in with your anti-freeze just in case.

Give your truck a nice scrub.

Washing your car may not seem like maintenance, but it absolutely is. Making sure that there isn’t any grime, dirt, or debris on your truck is going to help it last longer. While you’re washing it, you should take special care to look for any items that may need repair so that you can make the necessary fixes. Happy Summer!

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