Retractable Truck Bed Cover

Well, it finally happened. Winter is officially here in Maryland. We woke up this morning with temperatures upsettingly close to single digits and the high today is just barely above freezing. If we know one thing about Maryland winters, we’d venture a guess that there’s some serious winter weather coming our way in the next few weeks. There are many ways you’ll need to protect your truck from the snow, ice, slush, and salt, but one that might not be most evident isn’t your tires or your paint job — it’s your truck bed. The wind and snow that come with winter are perfect reminders to get your truck bed covered and prevent any misfortune. Retractable truck bed covers provide solid protection while being super convenient and easy to operate.

Why Should I Cover my Truck Bed?

Truck bed covers offer protection in a handful of ways. The first clearly being that it will keep the contents of your bed, well, in your bed. Aside from this though, a truck bed cover will prevent rain, leaves, and snow from gathering in your truck bed, damaging the interior lining or whatever you may have lying around in there. Yet another thing that isn’t as obvious to think about is the improvement you’ll notice in gas mileage, as a bed cover will significantly increase aerodynamics, reducing drag, and increasing fuel efficiency.


Why Go Retractable?

A retractable cover offers an excellent combination of ease, subtlety and security. Horizontal and relatively lightweight, it’s easier to open than a garage door. Our professional installers will have it fit perfectly inside the rails of your truck bed so it won’t be as obtrusive or bulky as a hard cover. This convenience comes along with a strong lock system to keep the cover shut during transit, ensuring that none of your cargo flies off to the side of the highway. While it might not offer quite as much protection from weather as a solidly installed hard cap, it will still fully protect your belongings from any moderate weather conditions.

How Does a Retractable Cover Work?

A series of metal boards (again, think about a garage door) unroll from a cannister that we’ll install at the front end of your truck bed. The cover can be locked to an open or closed position, as well as at multiple mid-way points along the rails, allowing for a partially open setting as well.


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