Protect Your Truck from Winter

With the weather constantly bouncing around from the low 30s to the high 60s, we never know what winter weather has in store for us. So why not take these measures to protect your vehicle while you can?

Regular Washes

Keeping your car clean isn’t just for hot summer days. The salt, sand, and chemicals that can cover the roads in the winter make washing your vehicle is even more important. Not washing away these chemicals can not only make your vehicle look bad, it can actually eat away at the paint. But does this mean you should wash it every time you go to the grocery store? According to J.D. Power, you should wash your vehicle when it starts to look dirty from two car lengths away. When you start to notice how dirty it looks, take your vehicle to the nearest hose or self-serve washing station as soon as possible for its regular cleaning.

Replacing Wiper Blades

Quality wiper blades can serve two purposes in the winter weather. Wipers can help clean your windshields from chemicals and the elements. These chemicals can actually cause permanent damage including etches and cracks in the glass if they are left in place over time. Wipers can also keep your windshield clear so you can drive. Have you ever noticed how the sun seems to reflect off the snow, making everything seem brighter and cleaner? This is because the water in the snow reflects the ultraviolet rays. These rays can actually damage the rubber of wiper blades, causing cracks in the rubber. If you notice these cracks, replace the blades immediately if you notice streaks or scraping noises.

Covering Truck Beds

Trucks are great when you have to navigate through winter weather. But when a truck is constantly parked outdoors with an open bed, it can fill up quickly with snow and freezing rain. To prevent the elements from rusting your open truck bed, try using a cover. Truck bed covers come in all types and sizes that are custom for your truck’s make and model. If you are used to hauling loads, choose a soft removable cover that easily rolls up and out of the way. Or choose an automatic metal cover to hold the items in your bed securely while protecting your truck from the elements. There are many different options for your truck, so why not protect it from winter weather?


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