BMW Group has created a very special car for this year’s edition of the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este to pay homage to one of the most important models in the brand’s history. First and most importantly, the 2002 BMW Hommage celebrates outstanding engineering achievements that led to the BMW 2002 turbo – and it has reimagined as a design study for the current times.

“Exactly 50 years ago, the range in February was the beginning of an era of success for BMW. This compact coupĂ© is one of the cars that transformed the brand into what it is today, “Adrian van Hooydonk explained, Executive Vice President BMW Group Design. “2002 has been the flagship and was the first production car in Europe that benefited from turbo technology. This put the seal on genuine sports car coupe. Meanwhile, 2002 was the vanguard of technological turbo engine development at BMW. 2002 BMW Hommage is our way to pay tribute to these achievements. ”

Inspired by the chrome strip surrounding 02 at the time of a horizontal band around the shoulders carbon BMW Hommage 2002 and divide bodywork visually in separate sections. Top – roof, engine compartment lid and the lid – is painted mat to prevent the reflection of sunlight – a reference to racing cars of yore. Here, the body lines are minimalist and clearly traced a natural fluency. The lower section creates a definite contrast with glossy paint color, sculptural surfaces very bold and distinctive lines that instill flanks with a modern touch and attract the gaze to the rear wheels engines. Color Space Race Metal decorate BMW Hommage 2002 also liquid metal. In both forms – matte and glossy – this light blue metallic changes its appearance from bright fluorescent blue to gray, depending on incidence of light, surfaces and provides a dynamic sense of depth. As such, the entire body of the car gives off power and energy.

One attractive feature is the car’s flanks voluminous contoured wheel passages, employing body as well as four consoles and adds stature. By this, they remind the approved version of the BMW 2002 turbo, which needed large extensions attached to the body for a wider track. Hommage car this detail integrates perfectly designed targeted flanks. Smooth surfaces and precise lines envelops modeled passages and strong wheel gives a leading role. 20-inch wheels, alloy wheels, bi-color design complements the style when the car meets the road. Multispoke modern look of polished wheel rims reminiscent of bygone eras racing, while gold calipers brakes, which is M logo adds a touch of class.

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